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May 26, 2014 7:00pm PDT
. one of the oldest, most complex, magically surreal places in spain. and one of the most beautiful. grenada is tucked against the sierra nevada mountains of andalucia in southern spain. it's not like barcelona. it's not line san sebastian. it ain't madrid. any reasonably sentient person who looks at spain, comes to spain, eats in spain, drinks in spain, they're going to fall in love. otherwise, there's something deeply wrong with you. spain is the sort of place that never really made any sense anyway, and in the very best possible way. this is the country that gave us the spanish inquisition. also anarchy. this is where devout catholicism mixes with surrealism, modernist cuisine with traditional tapas. christianity and islam spared space and traded places. the effects of influences of all those things are right here to see. you can almost look back through time and through the mists of history and see the phoenitians marching up across the vegas, or are those feral hippies? many of them made things interesting. >> when you ask what do you do? and you say we are staging the moon lan
May 23, 2014 3:00am EDT
investment management. good morning. are you worried that the german economy is chugging along nicely, spain is picking up, france is not, and neither is italy. >> not desperately. disappointing, but in the context of what we have zone, i thinkro we will see a sustained pickup in growth in the second part of the year. i think we should absolutely say , anda second quarter acceleration is in the cards. >> you are overweight equities and underweight fixed-income. fixed-income has been the place to be so far in 2014. why is it going to change from here? whyirst of all, think about is it that fixed-income has done so well? i think the growth will disappoint again in the second quarter. is that markets are still below rates of inflation. investors are simply burning money by playing the asset card. i do think that there are deflation risks in the global economy. the real returns are absolutely up for grabs in the equity markets, where free cash flow is simply extravagant. >> and on the matter of deflation. the inflation very fears -- s are going toear push the ecb into action in a few weeks time.
May 1, 2014 7:30am PDT
to be independent. an abortion ban -- a controversial new law in spain. first up, ukraine. developments in the east of the country are currently dominating world headlines while the tug-of-war over crimea seems to have retreated into the background. the peninsula, which was annexed by russia last month, was not even a topic of discussion at the recent peace talks in geneva. positions simply differ too much, but the inhabitants of crimea are faced with a lot of uncertainty as far as their everyday lives are concerned. which schoolbooks will pupils have an future, for example. which national league will be crimea in football clubs play and? who will supply the land with electricity? curators of a museum are concerned about the antique gold treasure, which they lent out to a museum in amsterdam. the precious pieces were supposed to have been returned. >> they were mysterious people, nomadic horsemen. they had no writing, left no written legacy, but they did leave fabulous treasures, magnificent garments, and skillfully worked vessels for the knowledge is -- for archaeologists to find in burial mounds.
May 22, 2014 7:30am PDT
, though slogans do not work. spain is still hard hit by the economic crisis. hundreds of thousands are still unemployed. when we went on the hunt for an example of successful integration, we found it in a spanish town. >> ♪ >> at this orthodox church, most of the congregation are romanian. the population of 90,000, nearly one in five people here is romanian. the service is a slice of home for them. the church and a former factories is a meeting point for the community. many of the people here came to spain during the real estate boom. there were plenty of construction jobs. the pay was good. >> the spaniards welcomed us with open arms. romania at the time was doing badly. we came to work, to build a future. something not possible in romania at the time. >> she has been in spain 17 years. she began cleaning homes, then cared for sick people, and workaday hairdressers --and then worked at a hairdresser's. she opened her own shop. along with her husband, she now runs several shops. they have a wholesale business selling products from armenia -- romania and this bakery. >> i came her
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 12:00pm EDT
a child's eye view of poverty in spain. a a only on al jazeera america ♪ ♪ >> hello again, a reminder of our top stories. thai soldiers have moved quickly to enforce a nationwide curfew. this is the unusually quiet scene in downtown bangkok. the heads of thailand's army has taken control of the country after six months of political dead lock. >>> russia and china have vetoed a french lead attempt to refer both sides in the syria war to the international criminal court. >>> and residents in a south korean island have vak wait their homes after north korea fired missiles into the island. >>> and we're getting news in from iraq. 11 people killed, some 26 injured in the capitol of bagdad. there have been two separate attacks seemingly targeting shiite neighborhoods. there is a shrine that is being commemorated by sheetite pilg m pilgrims this week. at least 11 people killed we're hearing so far. we'll keep you updated on that news as we get more information. >>> at least 13 government soldiers have died in your next question after pro-russia separatists attacked an army check point. gun
May 28, 2014 2:30pm PDT
their way over razor wire barriers into spain's north african enclave. spanish officials say about 500 managed to successfully breached the border. the enclave is officially part of spain, albeit located on .oroccan territory numbers are now so high that the town's mayor fears it has become impossible to stop. >> they braved razor wire and a series of hyphens is. once they arrived on spanish soil, these african migrants hit the ground. he scaled a dangerous barrier between morocco and spain in a perilous bid to reach european territory. arrived and a tiny spanish exclave in north africa. spanish security has been beefed up in recent months as waves of would-be migrants have tried to get to the town as well as to alsoerritory which is accessible by boat. many of those who arrived on wednesday headed to a temporary immigration center where they joined other migrants detained in recent months. to holder is designed 500 people but is currently home to 2000. this comes after 500 people breached the 12-kilometer barrier in march, and in february, spanish authorities shot rubber bullets and a
May 29, 2014 2:00pm PDT
, the world cup two years later, and in the world cup championship again in 2012, spain has a fearsome reputation to defend. >> specifically in times of economic crisis, spain's soccer stars have shown brightly. >> it's incredible. european and world champions at the same time. >> the challenge now is to defend their title at the world cup in brazil. some of the stalwarts -- because just sticking with his winning strategy of ball possession and perfect combination play, which appears to work whoever sends out on the pitch. he is sending plenty of young talent. >> everyone in spain thinks that if we are not the champions, it's a bad result, and that's good. it did not used to be like that. >> he has recently be worried about the top scoring striker, who just won the spanish league. he is suffering from a hamstring injury. it's not clear whether the muscle tear will heal in time. spain will face strong competition in their group matches with the netherlands, chile, and australia. >> it's a tough group. we meet the netherlands first. we played them in the final last time, and they have be
May 13, 2014 2:30pm PDT
. all political parties in spain have suspended campaigning for the european elections after a local politician was shot dead in the northern region of late on -- leon. a mother and daughter have been arrested in connection with the crime. >> shot dead in broad daylight on a bridge near her home. witnesses say several bullets were fired at point blank range. the victim, a leading politician in the region of leon for the country's ruling conservative popular party. across spain, a sense of shock as colleagues and politicians from other parties pay their respects. >> spain's deputy prime minister said she was dismayed. "our thoughts are with her family at this time. oh the leader of the country's main opposition party condemned the murder, and spain's prime minister traveled to the region to pay his respect. is a normallycs polarized and sometimes even tribal affair, but sometimes there is unity on all sides. televised debate has been canceled. so, too, have sessions here in parliament, and all main political parties have suspended campaigning. to women, a mother and daughter, age 35 a
May 28, 2014 6:00am EDT
. around 1,000 migrants have tried to storm the border between morocco and spain's enclave of malia. spanish authorities say 400 people managed to climb a fence into the spanish territory. they will stay at an immigration center there. some might be transferred to the spanish mainland. authorities say most people will eventually be sent back to their countries of origin. that is mostly in sub saharan africa. the bbc's correspondent tom burr ij told me more. >> we were in malia for the last few week. we went up into the hills to these makeshift camps where tens of thousands of migrants are living in pretty basic conditions. the important thing to note is they're determined, incredibly determined to cross into malia, europe, spain. they have to scale the border fence around about six meters, the largest part of it is six meters high with barbed wire. what we've seen in recent weeks, there's been more pressure on that border. what we saw this morning is that groups, large groups of the migrants, in the hundreds, go down to the border fence and essentially storm it. they have to scale t
May 9, 2014 4:00am EDT
, in their traditional business. vodafone very active in spain. when you look at what happened to the argentinian peso, down about 18%, they are likely to see a replication of that declinesalso from the in latin american currencies. this has been issued for telefonica. telefonica where it can't do much about currencies but it can do something about trying to shift its business in europe and its domestic market. >> partly it has been trying to do that by some acquisitions. it agreed to a deal that makes it the most powerful tv operator in spain. >> indeed it does. digital plus, this came out around 9:00 last night. what it means is they will be able to take a 56% stake in digital plus and increase their take to 78%. it gives it the lions share of this operator which has got rights to some of the biggest orting events in spain. with barcelona or madrid, this is a very valuable piece of particularly in sports-mad spain. that is one of the things they can do. the second thing they can do is use it to bundle up their cable, their internet and traditional television offerings, bundle them all together and h
May 23, 2014 4:00am EDT
& poor's raising spain's credit rating. fitch also boosting greece's rating. david tweed joins us with more. what is the update behind the numbers? >> i want to start with greece. i am going to read a couple of lines from the fitch upgrade. they are still below investment grade, but moving in the right direction. "remarkable progress on the fiscal front. the most challenging adjustment for greece is behind it," says fitch. there are problems still, but they have managed to have a primary surplus and start interest payments in 2013. there is a funding shortfall also say theyy will fill the gap. just hold that thought. spain, standard & poor's, i will read you something from the upgrade. it is because of the improving economic growth and competitiveness as a result of spain's structural reform efforts in 2010, including the 2000 well they were market reforms -- 2012 labor market reforms. i want to put that in context and asked what would have happened to these countries if they had gone out of the euro and currencies had to have dropped, as many people prescribed. they would have se
May 11, 2014 7:00am EDT
the alliances of the indians away from spain. and by 1819, in 1803 they weakening but it was still strong enough to contest the united states definition but by 1819 the entire hemisphere, specialism argentina all the way up to the present was in open rebellion. the wars of independence had broken out in peru and argentina, mexico, and spain was real week. they been toppled by the french government in 1808 and spain pretty much have to accept -- the united states to dictate the terms at that point. two years later of course mexico falls and becomes an independent nation. so really the united states was strong and occupy that space and spain was weak and failed to do so. >> so when they sold it, they didn't have it drawn out, someone -- >> jeffersons diplomats in spain asked the french secretary of foreign affairs, foreign ministry, so what are the boundaries? and he allegedly said i don't know exactly, but i suspect you've made a noble bargain for yourself. and so spain and france had contested the boundaries of louisiana going back to 1682. so france said we are selling in louisiana, and the fre
May 25, 2014 2:30pm PDT
correspondent there. first off, what can you tell us about the vote in spain? no figures out already, but what we know is about the turnout, it is quite similar to the last elections in 2009. if we take the forecasts done before these elections, we can see that there will be a loss within the two big parties. the socialists and the conservatives, and the smaller parties that have come up with in the last month or years will gain strength. but it will not change the political landscape here in spain at all because the big parties will still have majority. >> what about spades painful pain'sic crisis -- s painful economic crisis? >> that explains the loss of resented jews and voters for the big parties, that is expected today. the conservatives in the government have to respond to the measures taken in the last three years. the socialists may also lose voters because they did before. people are quite fed up with all of their cuts that they have seen in the past few years. from madrid with those results. thank you so much. we go back to germany and the success of that eurosceptics party we have b
May 26, 2014 5:30am PDT
it to spain or portugal, france has done relatively well. there are economic problems. why do we see this strong ?ejection of europe 4 of the votes but will command 1/3 of the seats in european parliament. this is huge. france has 74 seats and she has between 20 four and 25. they will be able to make a lot of noise on behalf of france in the assembly. >> let's head across the channel to britain where the u.k. party came in with an astounding first as well. >> another victory for the independence party. it is interesting because britain voted thursday. therding to european rule, results were only announced yesterday after 11:00 p.m. the apartheid -- that party followed by conservatives and the labour party. this was expected. it will be interesting to see what sort of effect it will have on the conservative party. the conservative party of david cameron is extremely divided over europe. are callingskeptics for the prime minister to repatriate more powers from europe and hold avery from the -- hold a referendum in 2017. i think we are seeing the first in a long road of discussions with
May 22, 2014 3:00am EDT
. this one here is a three-month low. plenty for the ecb to think about. it is italy,t -- spain, france. pmi is in contraction territory. the euro does not like it. the market expects the ecb to do something next month. >> we can all expect what we like. thank you very much. joining me now for his perspective, it is james mccormick, the global head of asset allocations. right to have you with us this morning. should we be really shocked that purchasing managers index in france comes in and underwhelmed the market? europe is under pressure. >> i think that we were always going to reach a point sometime this year where the good news finally started to fade. expectations were so bad a year ago. it is a problem. if you look at european markets in the past, you always had stress coinciding or being proceeded by weakness in growth. it is something to watch out for. i am not surprised that we had some widening and peripheral bonds last week. your top look through strategies, i am looking at risk number five. risk of deflation in the eurozone in your perspective is reminiscent of what we had in term
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 6:00pm EDT
. territorial disputes over uninhabit the islands raise tension. in spain a poll finds a record number of spaniards do not plan to vote in the parliamentary elections starting on sunday. the party ended huge economic problems. spain's austerity project left a lot unemployed, a bad sign for the future. lawrence lee reports from madrid. >> reporter: at the school 10-year-olds draw what they see their country going through. there's a man looking through a bin at a restaurant. a woman shivering because electricity is expensive. cuts to the health service. children sharing a sandwich. the teachers realise parents can't afford to feed for clothe them. >> in summer they bring winter clothes, in winter, summer clothes. you can see them with not the right material to be in the class. they don't bring pens, notebooks. >> reporter: they called in a charity which is spending money on spanish children as it does on those in asia and latin america. this is what austerity has done. >> this did not take place seven or 10 years ago. in spain there has been a version of structural poverty. that is not t
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 2:00pm EDT
have to apply our own laws and find out how to apply justice. neither the united states, spain, holland, switzerland, nor the european union can tell us how to do things. >> reporter: guatemala will likely return to the international spotlight, but that is still seven months off and bringing the country's most infamous dictator back to court may prove to be an elusive goal. al jazeera, guatemala city. >> the remains of thousands of unidentified victims of 9/11 have been returned to ground zero in new york. they were placed in metal boxes and wrapped in an u.s. flag returned to the spot. some relatives protests against the move saying it's wrong to store the remains at its storage site. still to come on the program. >> the st. louis rams select michael sams. >> history is made as america's biggest football league select it's first openly gay player. >>> and robin will be here as the new champion is crou crowne. plus we'll have reaction from the u.k. >> they're really ready for michael sams. that's going to be very interested. >> sam's selection follows another high profile move. in febru
May 5, 2014 4:00am EDT
for spain and very important for investigatement in europe. >> clearly this is very important for spain. an economy that is still dragging itself off its knees in place of the financial crisis. and also, the day you're building in spain, which needs an investment, we are also dealing with a rather strong euro. how do you hedge that out and minimize the impact? bear in mind, it's a euro denominated export going for the rest of the world. >> well, this takes a very long-term view. obviously currency fluctuations depend on a monthly basis depending on where you are, so this is specifically because this is a sensor of commercial excellence on this end. so we have a long-standing history and long-standing production plant that we have in europe and it is a sense of commercial vehicle excellence. so we take a long-term view in terms of the commitment. there's over 100 million euros of investment into barcelona and means more products are being brought to barcelona. we have a hatchback coming in the second half of this year, so we are very committed in spain and we have obviously that strong i
May 28, 2014 7:00am EDT
their way through razor wire barriers into spain's enclave of melilla. >>> nearly 1,000 migrants have cleared from a camp in the french town of calais. they say they don't know where to go. >>> just hours before a major foreign policy speech, president obama announces nearly 10,000 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan. but only for one more year. >>> also on the program, aaron is here. and the pressure intensifies on britain's gsk. >> tim, the drug giant glaxosmithkline would use some painkillers. it's now facing a criminal investigation here in britain for its sales practices in countries ranging from iraq, poland and lebanon. it's already in trouble in china for allegedly bribing doctors and hospitals to prescribe its drugs. >>> hello. it is midday here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington, 1:00 p.m. in the french port city of calais where riot police are currently clearing about 800 illegal migrants from makeshift camps there. french authorities claim an outbreak of scabies and the lack of running water is posing a health risk and the site needs to be shut down. but the migrants say
May 29, 2014 4:00am EDT
is on it is on the politicians and the football teams. italy, spain, big expectations. brazil. >> you have be a used to winning. >> she is clearly under a lot of pressure. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> how does that compare to the $11 billion? >> maybe they have a stronger grasp on the decided. that is controversial. i will let you play with that. but still to come, a bloomberg exclusive. we are live with the financial conduct authority. they say that the industry has seen enough scandal. we will talk to him in just a moment. >> welcome back. let's see how the markets are going. manus cranny has the esa checks. >> hello. of markets are closed. in the united kingdom, we are for a third day. 1999 is the last time that the ftse 100 was at these levels. i do not want to shake anyone's confidence. a few touchy years after that. the dax, when can a break 10,000? the -- for a long time of low growth. all kinds of risk that the ecb will want to avoid. in the united kingdom, they are talking about early rate hikes and avoiding the bigger issues going down the road. the sterling is unfazed. not calling for rate hikes. p
May 20, 2014 3:00am EDT
exposed. the sales come from germany, u.k., italy. they had to take charges in the last year. spain, romania, the list goes on. when you are analyzing the independent standalone, there is much hope that it would be supplied by overseas. atlantic would have to face them on their own. they are not making calls as much as we used to. we can use skype and messaging. provided need the data by phone providers. now, they are trying to lure us in to get us using faster connections. the have to invest in that. that is sitting there earnings. the earnings are going to be worst. they have not grown in a year and they are telling us that next year will be even more poor because of the investments they have to make. out ine stretching spain, and germany, it is not paying off. it is a long-term bet. >> vodafone being alone, independent, not being part of a takeover. >> wehat worry investors? got a deal. a $48.5 billion deal because at&t wanted to bring acquisitions over to europe. there was talk that they would cable is goingd crazy. you have comcast buying time focus atd at&t has to home and not
Al Jazeera America
May 30, 2014 12:00pm EDT
they are safe and will be freed soon. >>> 23 people have been arrested in spain after riots broke out in barcelona. police evicted squatters, 300 extra riot police have been deployed to keep things under control. >>> egyptian presidential candidate abdel fatah al-sisi is promising new future, 92% of the vote. hundreds who boycotted the polls have been staging anti-coup rallies as georgi jamal fasal r. >> egypt's second largest city, alexandria, thousands of political prisoners currently behind bars. activists are billing this the second indian intefada. some say the number is as high as 40,000. many are crammed into small rooms forced to sleep on the ground with little or no sunlight. forcing prisoners to take drastic measures in a bid to secure their freedom. >> they treat my father very badly. they treat us badly when we go to visit him. that's why we have decided to gather with him to start an open-ended hunger strike until he is trowrnd us a free man. >> cheered him on in tahrir square. despite exit polls pointing to ah sisi having won over 92% of the vote, crowds gathered to cele
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 11:00am EDT
and older and traditional styles. but now a team of researchers in spain is hoping to remove the guess work and they have been using the latest in technology to match what people say are comfort >> shoes with certain physical attributes in the footwear. >> things in the shoe monitor the force to the feet into the shoe itself and then to the floor. they are using 14 infrared cameras tracking the movement. now taking this data, they are able to work an out using a number of computer models just what features of a particular shoe make it comfortable. >> so a we found that women prefer shoes with space in the toes and they like shoes with flexible insoles and the men is the weight of the shoe. light shoes affect less the way they walk. >> not all shoes are getting the same attention. he spent his life helping people with foot problems and the results of poor fittings or badly designed shoes. >> a good pair of shoes is fundamental avoiding the injuries and formation injuries. in a bad pair of shoes it is not functioning the way it should. >> spain's dun turn has affixed to the nation's feet. sho
May 14, 2014 2:30pm PDT
painter in europe, when in 1628 he was summoned to spain to paint the king. from his capital at madrid, philip iv ruled the greatest empire in the world, with dominions stretching from the philippines to peru, but bogged down by a long war in the netherlands, the most powerful state in europe was about to slip into decline. at a time beset with uncertainty, the arts flourished. of the painters he met at philip's court, rubens was particularly impressed by one-- the young diego velazquez. velazquez was an original who would paint a classical subject like bacchus getting drunk, with a group of real peasants. velazquez first drew the court's attention with his early paintings of daily life, what we call genre paintings. they were startling pictures, depicting things never before painted, such as the precise moment at which cooking eggs solidified. like many young painters of his time, velazquez was profoundly influenced by the naturalism of the italian, caravaggio. caravaggio placed miraculous events in a familiar, naturalistic setting. velazquez fused the real and the mythological to cre
May 23, 2014 5:30am PDT
? spain and ,ou have massive unemployment over 20%. why are there no far right parties there? as far as this piece is concerned, what is happening is which haveuntries managed integration in terms of migration and immigration, they are the ones that have succeeded in having a unified society and not a divided society with farm right groups gaining sway. i thought i was fascinating because it away spain and portugal are showing an example to the north of europe where we see the brits and the netherlands upset about these issues. >> we have the majority of countries that will vote on sunday, august 21 countries -- that is 21 countries. one country not part of the selections will be holding their own poll. buddies ukraine for the key presidential election -- that is ukraine for the key presidential election. >> one of the foundations of the crisis it has had is it wanted to join the european union in the first place. janokovic said no. the poll is for president. thenew man on the block, post has a piece about him. is looking at whether he will win. he is the front runner in the race. he
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 4:00pm EDT
. and in spain, a new poll find as record number of spaniards do not plan to vote in european parliamentary elections starting on sunday. the countries ruling party says it entered huge problems but spain's project has left a lot of young people unemployed a bad sign, for europe's future. lawrence lee reports now from madrid. >> of this school, the teen years have been drawing what they see they are country going through. so they get a man looking through -- a woman shivering because the electricity is too expensive. cuts to the health soft, children sharing a sandwich. children realize the parent lings couldn't afford to feed them properly. >> in the summer they bring winter clothes and when it is winter they bring summer clothes. and you can see not the right material to be in the class. they don't have pen sits. they don't bring notebooks. >> so then they called in for a charity for the first time in it's history is spending money on spanish children as it does in asia or latin america. they say this is what it has done. >> obviously the situation was not taking place, seven or ten years
Al Jazeera America
May 24, 2014 6:00pm EDT
devastated so many economics. spending cuts have affected so many countries in spain and 30% of children live in poverty. lawrence lee september this report from the. >> of this school, 10-year-olds have been drawing what they see their country going through. a man looking through a bill at a restaurant, a woman shivering because the electricity is too expensive. cuts to the health service, children sharing a sandwich. teachers realize the chirp's parents couldn't afford to feed or clothe them properly. >> in summer, sometimes summer clothes and summer, winter clothes. you can see them with not the right material ton in the class. they don't have pencils, don't bring pens, notebooks. >> they called in a charity for the first time in its history spending money on spanish children as it does on those in asia or latin america. they say that this is what austerity has done. >> obviously, the situation would not have taken place seven or 10 years ago. in fact, in spain, there has always been a portion of structural poverty. >> that's not the segment we are working with. we are working with a segme
May 26, 2014 4:00am EDT
in italy and spain that were moving lower. >> a lot of people were saying it was mario draghi's response to the jackson hole summit in the teton valley's out in the west. >> the fed is getting boring. will be tapered every month. the big talk of the fed is the exit strategy in the first rate hike. you are based in the states. you know it is. the news is in europe and the ecb. it has been so far behind the fed on policy. >> that is the key question now, are they too far behind the curve? >> is aneconomist -- american in a letter europeans say that their central bank is boring? >> i would never say the fed was boring, the ecb is a little boring. the notice is on a first name basis with mario draghi. i am not sure janet yellen would take offense to that. >> up next, the chocolate king. petro poroshenko claims victory in the elections. can you resolve a bitter conflict between the west and russia since the cold war? ♪ >> let's bring back the focus to ukraine's elections. petro poroshenko has claimed victory. exit holes show he won more than 50% of the votes. thank you very much for joining
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 9:00am EDT
of countries like greece, portugal, france, spain, youth employment has disappeared. while this is a temporary issue, while it's likely to condition for a number of years, a lot of country have the ability to resolve this. in the arab work, unemployment has continued for a decade and a half. >>> security forces are in on high alert in turkey. marking the first anniversary of government protest in istanbul. 25,000 police have been deployed across the stay. last year's campaign t of mass anti-government rally where many people died. >>> pro russian demonstrators have been rallying in eastern ukraine. more than a thousand protesters, the leader addressed the crowd vow to go fight for a break from kiev. >>> while the chechen leader denies taking part of the fight in ukraine, president obama is due to hold talks with ukraine's president-elect in poland next week. we have reports poroshenko is coming in to the top job while fighting in the east intensifies. >> reporter: the contingent of separatist fighters of slovyan slovyansk. fighting has killed 14 soldiers including a general. seven mortar shell
May 8, 2014 4:00am EDT
in the likes of spain and italy. i think the larger point to make is that on the governing council, is there any agreement on what tool they are going to use next? what are they going to do about bank lending? to use are going unconventional tools, which tools are they going to use? >> inflation not low enough for germany and the euro not high enough for germany. all the exporters are screaming in pain. near 1.39,me we get mario draghi tries to talk it down. it gets to the point where it is time to walk the walk. talking the talk has not worked for six weeks. he has used pretty aggressive language and it has done nothing. conference, he is going to give it another go. will it be enough? again, we are waiting for new projections to come through. the 14th is when we will get those. anythingly won't get today. a very different problem. everybody is talking about rate hikes. thing everyone is talking about is the housing market. that is going to be the focus of today's decision. as you said, no change today. the bank is in a new regime. they have the monetary policy committee. now it i
May 9, 2014 1:00am EDT
telefonica the most powerful pay-tv operator in spain. lions share of the rights to most sports broadcasting. you can imagine how valuable that property must be in spain. it allows telefonica to bundle together cable, internet, and television altogether. it will be able to find a new revenue stream at a time when traditional telefonica revenue streams are under pressure in spain. but also under pressure in latin america. they're also being hit by , thencies, one example argentinian peso during the first quarter down 19%. what is the status in telefonica's bid for the german mobile operator? this is a bid that would make this deal seem like small beer. to recap what the -- this is the bit where telefonica wants to unite telefonica deutsche land with the german mobile operator now owned by a dutch phone company. that would make it the biggest operator by customers in germany. bys is finding some concerns the competition authorities. the european commission is looking at. will get anhey approval for this in june. yesterday, the european commission says they have suspended the deadline because t
May 29, 2014 1:00am EDT
enterprises are important. iny of those businesses, targeted countries, spain, portugal, are struggling or will struggle to get financing or the next year. likely to see a whole set of measures to follow. it is whether we get it next week or not. >> rocky shema zoo -- sh imazu. one to forecast the ecb will keep rates unchanged. we will see you a little later. apple has reached a deal to buy a company for $3 billion. it will be the biggest acquisition ever. adam suffered on all isn't san dam issco with more -- a in san francisco with more. >> this deal is about the music and the people they are bringing in. they acquired the headphones, but more important, a music streaming service where you pay $10 a month to listen to as much music as you want. additionally is the team they are bringing in, with ties to the entertainment industry to help apple keep its leadership position in the music business. >> is there much money to be made, to be frank, in music subscription? >> is a very challenging business. nobody has been able to make a lot of money and it. -- in it. that is not so important t
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 2:00pm EDT
of aleppo. also coming up, drawn from life. we get a child's eye view of poverty in spain. and in sport, one cyclist goes beyond the pain barrier in italy. we'll have all the details on that after the break. ♪ ♪ >> experience al jazeera america's critically acclaimed original series from the beginning >> experiencing it has changed me completely >> follow the journey as six americans face the immigration debate up close and personal. >> it's heartbreaking... >> i'm the enemy... >> i'm really pissed off... >> all of these people shouldn't be dead... >> now inroducing, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for suvivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> al jazeera america presents the system with joe berlinger
May 26, 2014 6:00am EDT
. the far right came third winning mep's for the first time. spain is struggling with spending cuts and high unemployment too. there a brand new left wing party managed to pick up four by harnessing anger toward the eu plan. there's been a backlash against europe and immigration. it's the front national victory in france that define this election. bbc news brussels. >> well germany appears to have bumped the trend. angela merkel's democratic party is pulling this the votes. we'll find out what happened in spain from our correspondent. >> the significant results here in germany is the rise of a eurosceptic party alternative for germany. they didn't exist in the last election. it was zero. this time they have 7% of the vote which gives them six or seven seats in the parliament. this malters because it are will make chancellor merkel think hard about what powers should move from berlin, brussels or the other way around. it may also make her much more prone toward david cameron as he comes knocking on her door s saying we need to rethink this project. not a political earthquake here in germany,
May 30, 2014 6:00am EDT
. >> dramatic pictures from across the eu in one of spain's north african area, may grants celebrated after scaling the fence. in the french port, anger has authorities moved in to makeshift camps. it's part of a search of illegal migration into europe. along the main route from libya to italy, 25,000 migrants arrived in four months. that number has surged to almost 40,000. there are other routes with smaller numbers, but based on existing eu data the total this year is probably in the region of 60,000. this is more than at the start of 2011 a year that eventually saw the arrival of 140,000 migrants. according to the eu borders agency, if the current trends continue and with the summer months approaching, there's a strong likelihood numbers will increase further. where do the migrants come from? a glance at the faces we saw this week gives you some idea. from west africa to south asia, they come far and wide. the largest groups are from syria, afghanistan. experts say we shouldn't be surprised or alarmed. >> i'm sure the problem is not going to go away as long as we have these major conflic
May 9, 2014 12:00am PDT
to japan. it retreats further north. for now it's been raining significantly. in spain, the story, the heat continues. some don't mind it this warm though, into the upper 20s to lower 30s after the winter we've had. this is not looking too bad. wet and windy further to the north, errol, in the u.k. >> as always. typical english weather. >> i'll take spain. >> i'll take spain any day. >> ivan, thank you. >> see you later. >>> moving to brazil now. brazil's world cup preparations have been hit by another tragic death. a construction worker was killed thursday in an electrical accident at one of the stadiums. this happened in the southwestern city of puaba. this is the eighth person to die while working on the country's 12 arenas. >> the brazilian president checked on the progress. the world cup construction has been delayed and it's prompting concerns about the readiness for the games which kick off next month. >>> well, a massive protest rally is underway right now in bangkok. >> we're going to take you there live after the break, tell you what the opposition is demanding. >> any efforts to
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 2:00pm EDT
. a the top and bottom of the english premier league and in spain, paying tribute to former barcelona tito. scomplafrnling now, seven military observers taken hostage in eastern ukraine a week ago have been freed by their rebel ca captors. five were released. the military is continuing defense in the east. pro-russian groups are calling for peace keepers to be sent to the area. al jazeera has teams across ukraine. paul brennan is standing by in the eastern city of donetsk. joan jonah hull, iwhat happens to them now that they have been released what happens to them next? >> reporter: perhaps not from the look of them when i saw them on the road side earlier on today, they looked rather tired, quite drawn, relieved, of course, but i don't think they will be heading back to this region any time soon. they will be heading back to homes in europe. >> said, there are calls today for osce operations to expand in eastern ukraine and for the observers to be given the role of trying to a couple of the situation. what we have seen today, is actually a renewing of the ukrainian military operations,
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 9:00am EDT
final lap. hamilton managed to hold on to win. leads the world championship driver standings. >> spain with motor sport and the united states, an indy car driver was lucky to walk away from a crash at the starts of the grand prix of indianapolis. the crash was triggered by sebastian sebedra. several managed to avoid him. he . remarkably, he wasn't badly hurt. the race was eventually won by honderspjanal. >> in a few minutes time, the final round of matches in the english premier league. two teams can win the title. manchester city and liverpool. city are the favorites. they need just a point against west ham to claim their second championship in three seasons. you have to go back slightly further for liverpool's last league triumph, 24 years to be exact. they host newcast he will and victory downfield, a city defeat, you will see them crowned champions for the 19th time. >> i think that we have had a remarkable season. the players have put liverpool on the world map again in terms of what we are looking to achieve here as a club. the performance level has been exceptional over the cour
Al Jazeera America
May 13, 2014 9:00am EDT
. >>> coming up on the newshour, the defending champion, spain, get ready to announce ahead of a football cup in brazil. details ahead in sports. do stay with us. >>> welcome back now to brazil where in the largest city, people are strulling with a water crisis which could lead to rationing during the ball world cup. the competition kicks off in less than a month and this report from sao paolo. >> reporter: in anna brito's home they don't waste one drop of water. no water is allowed to go down the drain. all water is reused in any way possible. >> if it's dirty water, we use it to water the plants. if it's soapy water to clean clothes, we reuse it to clean the clothes. it's important everyone tries to conserve. >> for now, ms. britto at least has water to save but maybe not for long. this is sao paulo's main reservoir or what's left of it, a moonscape of dead nothingness, cracked, parched earth. in the past couple of years, this area has received only about a quarter of the average rainfall but demand for water has gone up and this is the result. >> this time last year, this reservoir was at
May 20, 2014 10:00am EDT
at places like greece, spain, portugal, many people from the outside think we have gone too far, too fast. unemployment in a country like spain is 50%. >> youth unemployment is higher than that. it is long-term growth concern. now that you have spent yielding less than the u.s., i would argue it probably is crazy. i would leave you and your audience with is that this is an international phenomenon. asia and america is buying the peripherals. europe to some extent has stood to the side. >> why, because europe knows better? "i was in spain last week, it still sucks"? >> there is an element of that but europeans are generally more cautious, more conservative. we lost a lot of our clients in italy who bought italian bonds when they yielded 8% and now that they yielded 3, they are beginning to feel that the valuation trade has moved too far. onwhen i was going to greece vacation i had a lot of people saying "buy me debt." our u.s. investors underestimating risks that are still over there? >> i would say in general because the time horizon for fixing greece is measured and probably a decade. th
Al Jazeera America
May 28, 2014 9:00am EDT
on the newshour. african my grants make it to europe after storming spain's border in morocco. negotiations to secure the release of the school girls. >> later with robin in sports. >>> now, in northern france, a makeshift refugee camp using bulldozers, hundreds of people have been living in filthy conditions in the town of calae. many of them hope to settle. let's get an update from the site which, as we say, just cleared out by french authorities. talk us through it >> reporter: it was very difficult for many of these asylum seekers to watch what was happening to their possessions, their tents, sleeping bags, suitcases, just picked up by bulldozers and just piled high as rubbish basically, and what's been happening now is that they are trying to persuade some of the asylum seekers to get on buses and be taken away to a holiday camp to have showers. now, some of them have agreed to do that. others have said, no. they are worried and afraid that the french authorities will move them so far away from the port and it's important for them to be here because they see it as the only means of get
May 26, 2014 2:30pm PDT
. in spain, the two mainstream 1/3 of their voters. protests against cuts and inequality. the main message i want to send to europe is we do not want to be a german colony, a colony of the european troika. we do not want to provide cheap labor. we do not want the hand over our country's industry. >> across europe it is mainly the antiestablishment in the urosceptic parties that have made gains. performance of these parties is remarkable and regrettable, but now it is about winning back voters. that is true for france. >> she had shaken french and european politics, but a majority of members of the european parliament will come from mainstream parties that back further european integration. you're watching "bbc world news america h." the king of thailand has and doors the man who was responsible for the military coup. >> he had to wait four days for it, but this morning the new d the all-important alliterative endorsement from the king. no coup has succeeded without it. the aging monarch was not present at the ceremony, nor has he made any comment. the leaders want to keep the palace untainte
May 4, 2014 11:00pm EDT
as we have seen spain. >> that's right. auction, theyd raised 750 million euros through bonds. here is the portuguese prime minister now talking about how they are pleased obviously. we have financial reserves for one year which can isolate us from any external fluctuation. investors'trust. we have external surplus, something which did not happen in decades. and we will continue with the budget because that is the will of a government and its supporting parliamentary majority. >> there is one area that still has to give a vote of confidence. >> they are not impressed at the moment. what isld have seen happening in the bond market anyway. there are alarm bells if you look at the stats in the economy. >> jobs and debt. at 17%.ment was jobless, 35%. that level is a concern. debt to gdp, that level was at 93%. it has risen dangerously to that level. gross debt is $300 billion. a lot of that still to pay off. that ratio is pretty scary. there are many things to be addressed. respected authorities have given this a lot of praise. >> let's take a look at the top corporate headlines. anothe
May 9, 2014 3:00am EDT
about 56% of digital plus. digital plus gives it really the lions share of sporting rights in spain. all the games with fc barcelona and real madrid, you can imagine this is a valuable turf to own in spain. they're going to take their digital and cable and television operations, merge them together and bundle them up and hopefully a new revenue stream when they are under pressure in their traditional markets, as in traditional telephony. wellre under pressure as because of the decline of currencies. the argentinian peso is down. the statusabout in terms of completion of this deal? >> this could be coming up in june. that is when telefonica deutschland -- the idea is that they would by the mobile unit of kp and. if they put those two together, they will become the biggest operator of folk -- the biggest wireless operator in germany. more people are using these phones than anyone else. it is actually a huge deal for them. the competition authorities are looking very hard at this. a bit of good news. they said they're planning to offer wireless communication, wireless phones here in germany
May 15, 2014 3:00am EDT
time to work its way through. you need reforms. you need spain but also italy to do reforms that are needed. >> this is something which came through. i sat down with bob who used to run the world bank. he said it is about structural reform all around. that is what we should be focusing on. when that comes through, that is the next leg. >> when we asked investors, are you going to buy italy or spain? 70% said yes. the major reason why they would stop buying is if reforms slow down. if they don't see enough reforms, they are going to stop buying or sell. one -- i probably pronounced his name, is probably in charge of your home country. the are you confident he is going to deliver there? >> we are pretty confident. portugal and greece are the companies that are catching up now. favorites in the periphery. other hand, the market and investors are maybe too quiet on other countries which haven't been hit but we think are safe havens. >> [indiscernible] where are the fake havens? don't say central london. >> the u.k. needs to do more to stop the microwave affect in housing prices.
May 27, 2014 3:00am EDT
the coming year in not just the whole of the eurozone very here's looking at portugal and spain. that is really the big debate right now. how does he debate those issues in those particular countries? that is the big unknown for next week. theermany versus some of referral countries in access to finance. spain, 25%, portugal, one third. those countries get the demand for credit, he wants to know what the supply is very at it might not be up to meet it here he wants to bridge that. that? s he does tho >> there is this proposition that the bond market is retired. >> there is a bit of a cooling off in the initial share sales. last week we had the story with saga. the price they got further the shares was not at the highest end. there was concern that the demand was not there for -- from there is aal -- little bit of caution on getting a hand on initial share sales. it is not putting off the likes of lloyd's who know they want to and on thehares down table before the summer lull. stay with bloomberg television. .ostelection blues we see a bit of a dip in the equity market. follow me
May 29, 2014 3:00am EDT
-sized enterprises. portugal, and spain who are financially constrained. they are unable to get credit. or later this year, will be unable to get credit. if we get anything above and beyond a rate cut, it could be a long-termtro, the refinancing operation. the big question. are they going to want to deliver next week? they have put themselves in a corner. >> they have. promised a lot. will they deliver? it up with the chief investment officer at state street global advisors where he oversees $3 trillion of assets. good morning. non-euron- -- i am a denominated investor, do i want to buy euros? >> you cannot have the timing that precise, but we would advocate going in the equity space. investors have to be more cautious because on the periphery, there is a lot of good news priced in. for equity investors, europe is much more attractive. >> european equity fund an incredibly good run. has all the low hanging fruit gone? >> i think you have to look forward rather than backwards. if you look at our value-based stockpicking team, they are finding more value in europe here they are focused on price. t
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 9:00am EDT
european parliament. this is the first since the region's financial crisis. spain was one of the worst affected countries. it was on the receiving end of huge austerity measures from the eu. they said those spending cuts will lead to economic growth. 55% of young people can't find a job, and according to the charity, nearly 30% of spanish children live in poverty. from the capital of madrid, we have this report. >> at this school, the 10-year-olds have been drawing what they have seen their country going through. a man looking through the window at the restaurant. a woman shivering. and thanks to health in services, children sharing a sandwich. the parents can't afford to feed or clothe them properly. >> in the winter, you wear summer clothes, and then you can they don't have the right material to be in the class. >> spending money on spanish children as it does on asia or latin america, this is what austerity has done. >> it was not taking place, it's not what we're working with. we're actually working with a segment of the population that's directly affected by the crisis. >> any sch
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 6:00am EDT
. but this is really a catch-up what has already happened in spain, germany and france and united kingdom. we reckon there are several made their way to turkey then croat across the border largely into aleppo. the fact that this alleged, not alleged, it's been recognized now, has been part of al nusra that has been linked to al qaeda. as i say by nsa tracking, by what she referred to as cooperative governments. well, the intelligence services of the countries i mentioned have been keeping a very close high on these -- >> glenmoore these governments from preventing these citizens going to these countries. you mentioned a number of countries but who makes up the largest contingent of foreign fighters in syria? >> i'm not sure that i can answer that. not because i'm restricted from saying so but i don't actually know. the thing is as i say we believe there is something between 500 and possibly 700 fighters from europe. a number have returned, we've had for example, so far this year, nearly 80 return to the united kingdom from syria. and in fact only in the last two weeks there was a pros accus prf thre
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